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Crowd Behavior

The collective actions, emotions, and tendencies displayed by a group of individuals when they gather together. It is characterized by a unique dynamic that can influence individual behavior within the crowd.

Spatial Intelligence

The ability to perceive, understand, and manipulate spatial relationships and objects in one's environment.

Crowd Analytics

The process of collecting and analyzing data from a crowd in order to derive insights, patterns, and behavior.

Solutions for Events

Safety Solutions

Real-Time Crowd Intelligence

With cutting-edge LiDAR sensors, our solution offers unparalleled real-time crowd monitoring capabilities. By rapidly capturing data on crowd density and movement, event organizers gain a competitive edge in proactive decision-making. Detect and address potential safety incidents or crowd management challenges before they even arise.
Safety Solutions

Crowd Density Management

Uncover a new perspective on crowd density analysis through our advanced LiDAR based system. By scanning crowds and generating a precise digital 3D map we unlock a wealth of invaluable data. Our sophisticated analysis techniques transform this data into actionable real-time insights, presented conveniently on our intuitive dashboard. Leverage the power of our software to delve deep into the raw data, unveiling forensic insights that empower you to fine-tune site designs for maximum efficiency.
Security Solutions

LiDAR Surveillance

Unmatched Perimeter and Dark Site Protection. Capable of scanning a vast 360° area with a remarkable range of up to 100 meters, our sensors redefine intrusion detection. They don't rely on visible light, ensuring unparalleled performance even in challenging low-light or dark environments.
Security Solutions

CCTV Surveillance

Closed Circuit Video Surveillance is the foundation of situational awareness on an event site.  Exceptional video images are delivered directly to your event control room.  Safe Haus uses only top of the line  Axis cameras, carried on secure networks.
Guest Behavior Solutions

Anonymous Guest Tracking

LiDAR sensors scan crowds and track guests anonymously. Data collected includes number of guests, footfall and dwell times. Realtime data is displayed on the dashboard. Forensic data analysis will provide deep insights into Guest Behavior.
Guest Behavior Solutions

Registered Guest Tracking 

Our passive guest tracking system can monitor locations by utilizing RFID tags that are embedded in guest badges. Low friction to both the guest and the event producer, passive guest tracking is the solution when you need to know who is where and when. Realtime data is displayed on the dashboard. Forensic data analysis will provide deep insights into guest behavior.

From our blog

Transforming Crowd Monitoring

A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of LiDAR Technology

The accurate measurement of crowd density is a challenging and critical task with wide-ranging applications including event management, security, urban planning, and emergency response. Traditional techniques using video surveillance, infrared sensors, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking have been employed in this field; however, they present considerable limitations, particularly in dense, dynamic crowd scenarios.

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