Solutions for Film & TV Sets

First and leading Covid compliance system in Hollywood

Planning And Advisement

Safe Haus works with producers to ensure protocols are enforced in a low friction manner.

Vaccination Verification

Vaccine records easily uploaded into the SafeSet Member App and verified by a team of trained Safe Haus Administrators.

Testing Services

Safe Haus can provide all of the latest antigen and rapid PCR tests as well as lab based PCR tests.

SafeSet Member App

SafeSet is the ultimate tool to manage covid compliance at any event. Fully customizable as each event is unique.

Health And Wellness Staffing

Covid Compliance Officers, Testing Administration and Medical Technicians.

Concierge Testing Services

Homes, offices even to the FOB of your private jet.

From our blog

Transforming Crowd Monitoring

A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of LiDAR Technology

The accurate measurement of crowd density is a challenging and critical task with wide-ranging applications including event management, security, urban planning, and emergency response. Traditional techniques using video surveillance, infrared sensors, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking have been employed in this field; however, they present considerable limitations, particularly in dense, dynamic crowd scenarios.

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