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Custom solutions for events of all shapes and sizes

Solutions for business events

Conventions and Conferences: Anonymous guest behavior tracking enables event organizers to acquire detailed and accurate data on guest behavior, all while preserving the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information.
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Solutions for public events

Music Festivals to Marathons: Mass gatherings present safety and security challenges that can be addressed with a deeper understanding of guest behavior provided by data collected and analyzed by SafeSite.
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SafeHaus is currently leaning into the unrivaled potential of LiDAR technology. LiDAR sensors and Safe Site software are the foundation of our tech stack and services.


We bring the Data. Leverage real-time data for immediate decision-making and forensic data for improved strategic planning.
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Transforming Crowd Monitoring

A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of LiDAR Technology

The accurate measurement of crowd density is a challenging and critical task with wide-ranging applications including event management, security, urban planning, and emergency response. Traditional techniques using video surveillance, infrared sensors, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking have been employed in this field; however, they present considerable limitations, particularly in dense, dynamic crowd scenarios.

Solutions for other crowded environments

Solutions for herds

Just as groups form crowds, livestock too, form herds. SafeHaus provides effective solutions for tracking and collecting data on ruminant livestock populations.
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Solutions for film & tv sets

SafeSet is the solution for managing health and welfare on crowded Film and TV sets.
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