Technology Overview


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an innovative technology for crowd behavior tracking. This underlying technology enables Safe Haus to offer the most innovative and useful crowd behavior management solutions available.

LiDAR sensors offer major advantages over other methods of crowd monitoring like Bluetooth and WiFi tracking. Here are some reasons why LiDAR sensors are a superior technology for crowd tracking and monitoring:


Unlike Bluetooth and WiFi tracking, LiDAR doesn't require personal identifiers or device tracking, making it a more privacy-friendly option. It does not track individual devices or collect personal data, ensuring privacy of individuals in the crowd.


LiDAR uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure distances, which results in a highly accurate 3D representation of the space. This leads to more precise estimates of crowd density compared to Bluetooth and WiFi tracking, which often rely on signal strength and can be affected by interference.

Real-Time Data

LiDAR sensors provide real-time data about crowd density, allowing for immediate response to changes. Bluetooth and WiFi tracking may not be as real-time due to the need to process signal data.


Unlike WiFi and Bluetooth, which rely on individuals carrying enabled devices, LiDAR can measure crowd density even if individuals are not carrying any devices. This makes it a more universal solution.

Obstacle and Object Detection

LiDAR systems also detect objects and obstacles in the crowd, which can be important for safety and security considerations.


LiDAR function effectively in various lighting conditions, whereas camera-based solutions struggle in low-light or overly bright situations.

Depth Perception

LiDAR systems excel in providing depth information, which can be particularly useful for estimating crowd size in three dimensions, accommodating for varying elevations or levels within a venue.

Reduced Signal Interference

LiDAR is generally less susceptible to interference from other electronic devices or physical obstacles, offering more consistent and reliable results compared to Bluetooth and WiFi tracking.

Real-Time Crowd Intelligence

With cutting-edge LiDAR sensors, our solution offers unparalleled real-time crowd monitoring capabilities. By rapidly capturing data on crowd density and movement, event organizers gain a competitive edge in proactive decision-making. Detect and address potential safety incidents or crowd management challenges before they even arise.

Crowd Density Management

Uncover a new perspective on crowd density analysis through our advanced LiDAR based system. By scanning crowds and generating a precise digital 3D map we unlock a wealth of invaluable data. Our sophisticated analysis techniques transform this data into actionable real-time insights, presented conveniently on our intuitive dashboard. Leverage the power of our software to delve deep into the raw data, unveiling forensic insights that empower you to fine-tune site designs for maximum efficiency.

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